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The best way to buy Beautiful South releases was certainly the small independent record shop ChangesOne. I bought my UK releases there myself, and usually they arrived in my postbox in Germany on the day of their release in UK!
Unfortunately, this fine little record shop is no more...

Of course the global players still are, so you can order at .

Those living in the US might also order certain releases as "Imports" at, but usually you will find that it's cheaper to order directly at Amazon UK, even with the higher postage you'll have to pay. So that's worth to compare prior to ordering

Below you'll find a overwie over the current releases and various other material (a selection of older releases and other types of media). Just one click will take you directly from here to Amazon UK were you can order online. Also check out the search option below.

Live In The Forest
Region free DVD - recorded 25th June 2005 in Dalby Forest

1. We Are Each Other
2. Dumb
3. This Old Skin
4. I'll Sail This Ship Alone
5. Old Red Eyes Is Back
6. Everybody's Talkin'
7. A Little Time
8. Hold on to What?
9. Pretenders to the Throne?
10. Rotterdam
11. Songs For Whoever
12. Don't Marry Her
13. 36D
14. Perfect 10
15. Women In The Wall
16. One Last Love Song
17. Good As Gold
18. Let Love speak For Itself
19. You Keep It All In


The latest album by The Beautiful South:
Golddiggas, Headnodders & Pholk Songs



The Housemartin - Best Of with Bonus DVD

1. Happy Hour
2. Think For A Minute
3. Caravan Of Love
4. Five Get Over Excited
5. Flag Day
6. Sheep
7. Me And The Farmer
8. Build
9. There Is Always Something There To Remind Me (John Peel Session)
10. Anxious
11. Hopelessly Devoted To Them
12. I Smell Winter
13. Bow Down
14. I'll Be Your Shelter (Just Like A Shelter)

1. Sheep
2. Happy Hour
3. Think For A Minute
4. Caravan Of Love
5. Five Get Over Excited
6. Me And The Farmer
7. Build
8. There Is Always Something There To Remind


Paul Heaton

Under the Influence

(Amazon UK)


On this CD Paul Heaton has put together songs of artists who have musically influenced him

Pepe Deluxe - 'Supersound'
Calvin Doze And His All Stars - 'Safronia B'
Willie Nelson - 'Valentine'
Lee Dorsey - 'Who's Gonna Help Brother Get Further'
Ugly Duckling - 'A Little Samba'
Hues Corporation - 'Freedom For The Stallion'
Al Green - 'All 'n All'
Manu Chao - 'Bongo Bongo/Je Ne T'Aime Plus'
Bobbie Gentry - 'Chickasaw County Child'
Tower of Power - 'It's Not The Crime'
Syreeta - 'I Wanna Be By Your Side'
Lavern Baker with Jimmy Ricks - 'You're The Boss'
City High - 'Fifteen Will Get You Twenty'
Elvis Costello - 'Lipstick Vogue'
Hem - 'Lazy Eye'
Randy Travis - 'Forever and Ever Amen'


The new single "Let Go With The Flow"
(at Amazon UK)

1. Let Go With The Flow
2. Skool Daze

1. Let Go With The Flow
2. Don't Stop Moving (Janice Long Live Session)
3. Song For Whoever (Janice Long Live Session)



The new album:



The first single from Gaze: Just A Few Things That I Ain'T

CD 1

CD 2

Solid Bronze

Their second Best Of CD


Munch - Our Hits

The DVD with all videos and an audio
commentary by the band!


Last Oders At The Liar's Bar
by Mike Pattenden

Very interesting book about The Beautiful South


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