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2008-08-27 - The Beautiful South take off (once again), the Hidden Jukebox stalls (for now)
It probably didn't go unnoticed that I regrettably didn't manage to keep the Hidden Jukebox at up to date lately. This presumably won't change in the near future. In order not to pretend a timeliness and completeness that is not given, I'm stopping the updates on this website entirely - at least for now. New Information on releases and tour dates is sooner or later for example available on the official Homepage.
The plan is to completely refurbish the Hidden Jukebox within the next months and to bring it in a form that is on the one hand easier to maintain, and on the other hand (also due to the smaller expenditure of time required than) offers more content and information.
Until than: Take care & have fun!

2008-08-27 and the months before...
- The second single from Superbi: "The Rose of my Cologne" was released on June 10th in UK.
- A lot of new tourdates - including a US tour in autumn: See the tourdates page for details.
- A new CD from the Housemartins: Live at the BBC features loads of previously unreleased songs.
- A new web site from an Ex-Housemartin: Stan Cullimore.


2006-04-23 - New album and tour coming soon!
- The Beautiful South will release their new album "Superbi" on May 15th in UK. The album will be available in a standard jewel case version and in a limited edition digipack version. The first of the new album's singles will be "Manchester", basically dealing with the legendary bad/wet wheather in this town ("If rain makes Britain great, Then Manchester is greater"). It is to be released on May, 8th. No news are yet available regarding releases outside UK.

- The band will accompany the release of Superbi with an UK-Tour in May/June, details of which can be found at the updated The Beautiful South tourdates page. An Irish tour for September has been announced as well, but no fixed dates are set as yet. There are no news regarding tours outside UK/Ireland.
- Mercury/Universal, the bands former label, is cashing in with the rights they hold to The Beautiful South's songs: On April, 3rd, "The Beautiful South - Gold" was released in UK, a compilation of songs covering the Albums "Welcome to" up to "Gaze".

- Today The Beautiful South release their first live DVD! "The Beautiful South - Live In The Forest" was recorded on 25th June 2005 in Dalby Forest at the last concert of this summer's forest tour. The DVD is region free, i.e. can be played in DVD-players around the world. Bonus material features a sound check recording (Tonight I Fancy Myself) and a behind the scene featurette including an interview with Paul Heaton. Read the press release or order your copy online right away. I guess that one also makes quite a christmas present...

1. We Are Each Other
2. Dumb
3. This Old Skin
4. I'll Sail This Ship Alone
5. Old Red Eyes Is Back
6. Everybody's Talkin'
7. A Little Time
8. Hold on to What?
9. Pretenders to the Throne?
10. Rotterdam
11. Songs For Whoever
12. Don't Marry Her
13. 36D
14. Perfect 10
15. Women In The Wall
16. One Last Love Song
17. Good As Gold
18. Let Love speak For Itself
19. You Keep It All In


- After the concerts earlier this year and the recent quiet months here are at least the latest rumours: Paul Heaton and Dave Rotheray are writing new material, there have already been the first rehearsals of new songs, and the recording of the new album is set for late this autumn. So The Beautiful South remain busy as usual! The new album might be released in the beginning of next year and will certainly be accompanied by a tour.
- IlloArt presents the work of David Cutter, whose pictures are featured in the album booklets of 0898 and Golddiggas.

- The Beautiful South confirmed two festival appearances for this summer, see the updated The Beautiful South tour dates page for details.
- There are two brand new German translations of lyrics available on the translations page. This might seem of little interest to you, as you obvioulsy speak English - But: if you also speak another language, why not translate a song yourself for those foreign fans who might struggle with The Beautiful South' lyrics.

- Today the third single of the current album was released in UK: "This Will Be Our Year" is available on two CD singles. CD1 features "For The Good Times" (originally by Kris Kristofferson) as b-side, CD2 comes with "Never Mind" (originally by Harlem Howard) and the video for "This Old Skin". Order now at Amazon UK: CD1 / CD2.
- The band will play an Irish tour in March and a Forest tour in June - check the updated The Beautiful South tour dates page for details.
- Current merchandise, which was already on offer during the tour in December, is now available online.
- I've put my photographs of last years London concert and the pre-gig List for Whoever meetup online: See the pictures.
- Homespun, Dave Rotheray's project besides TBS, released their second album today: "Effortless Cool" [Order at Amazon UK]. Homespun is on tour in January/February, see their brand new website for details.

- The tourdates page has been updated with the setlist of the current tour.

- "This Old Skin" will be the second single from the new album ans is set to be released in UK on December 6th. Order now: CD1 / CD2
- All the original versions of the songs covered by The Beauitful South on Golddiggas, Headnodders and Pholk Songs are available on two fansites: and Delores & The Turtle
- The lyrics for all the songs are now available for download on the lyrics/download page.
- On of the twelve songs ofthe new album is indeed not a cover version but a new Beautiful South original! Have you already spotted which on it is?
- The biography and the discography pages have been updated a bit.
- There's an interview with Alison Wheeler online (in German though) at the Netzeitung.
- Homespun, Dave Rotheray's project aside from The Beautiful South, has recorded the second album titled "Effortless Cool" which will be released in January 2005. Homepsun will also go on tour in January. See the official Homespun website for details.

- Today "Golddiggas, Headnodders & Pholk Songs" was released in UK [order at Amazon UK]. It was preceeded by the release of the single "Livin' Thing" on October 11th, which charted #24 in it's first week in the UK charts [order at Amazon UK: CD1 / CD2]. Germany didn't see a release of the single, but actually had the album released a week earlier than in UK, i.e. on October 18th.
- A second London gig for the forthcominh UK tour has been announced. See the tour-dates page for details. Support act for the tour is set to be "A Girl Called Eddy"
- The Hamburger Morgenpost features an interview (German) with Paul Heaton, about German soccer teams and the new album.
- Dave Hemingway's solo debut "Hello Cruel World" is still in the making (see his label's website A7music). The first set of songs - written by Brian Lilley and already recorded by Dave - won't feature on the forthcoming album, after this cooperation was ended due to creational differences. Now we're eagerly awaiting Dave's album, which will feature songs written by Paul Stephenson.
In the meantime, with you taking part, the first set of songs might still see the light of the day, even if unfortunately not performed by Dave. See this message from the writer of the songs, Brian Lilley.

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