Sometimes Music says more than thousand words. Therefore are here some samples of The Beautiful South songs.

To listen, you'll need the RealAudio Player. If you don't have it already, download it first.



You keep it all in

Welcome To The Beautiful South, 1989

One of the songs that uses the power of having three vocalist.

You can hear Briana Corrigan sing, followed by Paul Heaton, the second male vocalist you hear is Dave Hemingway.


A Little Time

Choke, 1990

A duet between Briana und Dave.


Domino Man

0898, 1992

That's Dave (the first you hear) and Paul giving their best.


Hold On To What?

Miaow, 1994

Paul as lead vocalist, in the chorus Dave and Jaqueline Abbott are singing along.


Rotterdam (Or Anywhere)

Blue Is The Colour, 1996

What should I say - Jaqui sings.


Perfect 10

Quench, 1998

Even if it sounds like Elvis in the beginning (what is intended), that's Paul and Jaqueline singing.


That are, of course, only samples. If you like the music, go and buy an album. You wont regret it!  :-)

The chosen tracks are not necessarily my favouritesongs from each album. But it would be difficult after all to choose ONE favourite, because there are at least 12 marvellous songs on each album!!


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