From Brian Lilley:

"I'm looking for musicians / singers to work on songs that I originally wrote
for the Dave Hemingway album project, (see links to Dave's management
'7am'). There is no involvement now what-so-ever from Dave or TBS, but I
thought this might be a good place to try. What I've got in mind is this -
people work on my songs, adding parts, changing parts, discussing
arraignments etc., everybody working on their own, probably from home, with
contact via the Internet / exchanging CDs. Gradually we'll build up the
final arraignments of the songs as a kind of small collective. Maybe even
building up a pool of critical feedback over the net as we progress. I do
not wish for any kind of record company involvement at any stage, but we'll
produce an album whose quality is good enough to be released. However my
intention is that it should eventually be available for free on the
Internet, again bypassing any form of corporate involvement. Yes, it may
only ever be heard by a couple of hundred, but maybe not, but whatever -
we'll end up with something we all love. There are ten songs, which I don't
want to add to. I want the sound to be raw but having the competence of
classic Soul, Beatles etc. The collaboration would principally involve
exchanging audio files. Instrumentally the original source will always have
to be of 'genuine' instruments, e.g. Rhodes keyboard / Guitars / Brass etc.,
like we where making it in 1972 but with hard drives and we'd heard REM
songs. I imagine this would take maybe a year to complete but hopefully
we'll have made a classic album. If you are interested, let me know, or tell
others who may be. But please, please don't get in touch if you think this
could be a way to 'promote' yourself, it's not, it's hopefully just a way to
make some great music between us. My initial idea for the album title is
'The Dead Statues, Blue Clouds and Dark Eyes of London'. But that can
change. My own main instrument is bass (I write on acoustic guitar) and
finally, I would have to keep a veto regarding the final mix. Contact "