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The new The Beautiful South album

Golddiggas, Headnodders & Pholk Songs
out on October 18th 2004 -
order now

The new single "Livin' Thing" out on October 11th 2004
available on two CDs with different bonus songs -
order now CD1 / CD2

2004-09-24 - Holidays
Since I'll be away on holidays until mid October there won't be any The Beautiful South news here until then. Afterwards the news will be frequently updated again and whatever became important in the meantime will be supplemented.

2004-09-02 - Tour in UK!
- Tickets are on sale now for the forthcoming Beautiful South tour in November and December. See details on the tour-dates page.
- The first single release of the new album will be "Livin' Thing" on October 11th. Some clips from the new tracks are available at the fansite The Suitable Mouth. The album will also be released in Germany on October 18th.
- Paul Heaton commented on each of the new songs in an interesting little interview. (The comments are at the bottom of the page below the article.)

2004-08-25 - New album out soon!
The South' new record - their first one under the new label Sony - is due out on October 18th. The forthcoming album "Golddiggas, Headnodders & Pholksongs" will be a cover album. It will be preceded by a single release on October 4th. There are no news yet about international releases, but don't dispair, wherever you are Amazon UK will ship right to your housedoor. ;-) The tracklist (with the artists who did the originals) is as follows:

You're The One That I Want (Olivia Newton John and John Travolta/Grease Soundtrack)
Living Thing (ELO)
This Will Be Our Year (The Zombies)
Ciao (Lush)
Valentine (Willie Nelson)
Don't Fear The Reaper (Blue Oyster Cult)
This Old Skin (The Heppelbaums)
Don't Stop Moving (SClub7)
Til I Can't Take It Anymore (Ben E King)
Rebel Prince (Rufus Wainwright)
Blitzkreig Bop (Ramones)
Stone In Love With You (Stylistics)

2004-07-15 - Dave Hemingway's solo debut
Dave will give his solo debut with material from his (since ages) forthcoming album on wednesday, July 21st, in "The Social" in London. See the news on his label's website A7music for all details.
Dave Hemingway's solo album features the complete song "Til The Sun Goes Out" for pre-listening. The Beautiful South' singer's solo album "Hello Cruel World" (info page at A7Music) is scheduled for release in mid 2004. By the way: The piano bit in the song is from "La fille Aux Cheveux De Lin" ("The Girl With The Flaxen Hair") by Debussy.

2004-06-10 - The Beautiful South records new album
The beautiful South are currently back in the studio to record the next album with new songs. It will be the first album in the new contract with Sony Music (so far TBS were under contract at Universal Music). The realese of the new album can be expected for the end of this year.

2004-03-17 - Homespun on tour
Homespun, Dave Rotheray's off-TBS project with Sam Brwon and friends, goes on tour! See their webpage for details.

2004-03-14 - The Housemartins - Best Of with Bonus DVD
On March 22nd UK will see "new" Housemartins stuff released: A new Best Of compilation. Even if this may not sound too exciting in itself, the bonus DVD certainly is: It features all the Housemartins videos!! See more details about it on the buy online page.

2004-02-23 - Documentary on BBC2
If you receive the british TV channel BBC2 tune in on this tuesday (February 24th) at 7pm UK time to see the great documentary "The Beautiful South Up North" featuring last years Gaze tour.

2004-01-27 - Various news!
- On January 13th Gaze was released in Canada (of course any "serious" Canadian fan had long before bought Gaze as an import... but still).
- March 30th is scheduled for the release of the compilation CD "Paul Heaton - Under the Influence". On this CD Paul has put together songs of artists who have musically influenced him:
Pepe Deluxe - 'Supersound'
Calvin Doze And His All Stars - 'Safronia B'
Willie Nelson - 'Valentine'
Lee Dorsey - 'Who's Gonna Help Brother Get Further'
Ugly Duckling - 'A Little Samba'
Hues Corporation - 'Freedom For The Stallion'
Al Green - 'All 'n All'
Manu Chao - 'Bongo Bongo/Je Ne T'Aime Plus'
Bobbie Gentry - 'Chickasaw County Child'
Tower of Power - 'It's Not The Crime'
Syreeta - 'I Wanna Be By Your Side'
Lavern Baker with Jimmy Ricks - 'You're The Boss'
City High - 'Fifteen Will Get You Twenty'
Elvis Costello - 'Lipstick Vogue'
Hem - 'Lazy Eye'
Randy Travis - 'Forever and Ever Amen'
The CD can be ordered e.g at Amazon UK.
- Thanks to fellow fans who invested a whole lot of time and effort into typing them up, here are three very interesting interviews with Paul Heaton:
Pulse Magazin '94 - Amazing insight into some of the lyrics of Miaow
Gay Times Dec. 2003 - About Gaze and the song 101% Man especially
Uncut Magazin Jan. 2004 - Al Green's influence on Paul
- If you'd like to get to know better Alison Wheeler, the new female singer, check out this interview with her.
- The Gaze lyrics are available online.
- Last but not least the latest rumours: Even so Gaze was the last album under the current contract with their label Mercury (and so far no news were heard of the signing of a new contract with Mercury or any other label), The Beautiful South are set to return to the studio for recording soon again! On the one hand side, this decreases chances for another Gaze tour, and thus also for the German concerts already briefly announced by the German label. On the other, brighter side it means: The Beautiful South will carry on regardless! :-)


The TV programme mentioned below (2003-12-01) will be only on the local station BBC1 North.

- "Let Go With The Flow", the new single of Gaze, is available in the shops in UK from today on. The video will be a live performance of the song from the current tour.
- On December 10th there will be a feature about Beautiful South's tour on british television. The half hour program titled "Up North" will be on BBC1 on 11:15pm.
- Just by the way: Also live The Beautiful South are as awesome as always - or with their fantastic new female singer Alison 'Lady' Wheeler even better than ever before - the two concerts in London last week kicked ass!! :-)

- Courtesy Alan Harrison there are now photographs from two more concerts available online at the Hidden Jukebox:
2002-07-22 - Paul Heaton's solo gig as Biscuit Boy in the Garage, Glasgow
2003-10-08 - The Beautiful South at the BBC Radio 2 Janice Long show, in the Foundation, Newcastle.
- Thanks to 'Biscuit Girl' Julia Grant there are scans of the Paul Heaton interview in the Jack Magazine available. Well worth a read!
- The second single from Gaze will be "Let Go With the Flow". It will be released in UK on December 1st.


1. Let Go With The Flow
2. Skool Daze


1. Let Go With The Flow
2. Don't Stop Moving (Janice Long Live Session)
3. Song For Whoever (Janice Long Live Session)


2003-11-09 - German tour!
According to the German label, TBS will do concerts in Germany in 2004!

- More international release dates for Gaze: November 6th in Denmark and 24th in Australia.

- International Releases: Gaze will be released in Germany on 10. November, in Sweden on 12. November, but in both cases without the song "Spit It All Out", which is only on the UK version. So far I'm not aware of a release date for a US version. Furthermore, a international release of the singles is not really to be expected. You can find an overview on where to order the new releases at the new "buy online" page.
- The new Album "Gaze" reached position 14 in the UK album charts in the week of it's release in UK, the single "Just A Few Things That I Ain't" peaked at positon 30 (second week: position 63) in it's first week in the britsh single charts. CD2 of the new single features, instead of two live tracks as was planned initially, two brand new songs as b-sides, namely "The New Fence" and "A Long Time Coming". The two other forthcoming singles from "Gaze" will be "Let Go With The Flow" (imo one of the best songs of the album) and "Pretty". One of the b-sides will be a cover version of the S'Club7 song "Don't Stop Moving"!
- The band Magnet is support act for the ongoing UK-Tour. By now there's a setlist available from the first gig of the current tour.

- The South will appear live with a few songs on the Janice Long show on BBC Radio 2 in the night from 7th to 8th October between midnight and 3am (GMT). You can also tune in online via webradio.
- The tourdates section is frequently updated these days, as new gigs pop up now and then.
- The video for the new single "Just A Few Things That I Ain't" features Paul dressed up really... umm, interesting. ;-) Have a look!
- Depending, among other things, on the success of the new material, 2004 could eventually bring us even more TBS on tour: A German-, a UK-Stadium- and even an US-Tour are in the talks.

2003-09-21 - New Album Details

New Album:

UK release
27. Oktober 2003

1.Pretty Things
2.Just A Few Things That I Ain't
3.Sailing Solo
4.Life Vs. The Lifeless
5.Get Here
6.Let Go With The Flow
7.The Gates
8.Angels & Devils
9.101 per cent Man
10.Half Of Him
11.Spit It All Out
12.Last Waltz
13. Loneliness (hidden track)

New Single:

UK release
13. Oktober 2003


1.Just A Few Things That I Ain't
3.Care As You Go
4.Just A Few Things That I Ain't (enhanced video)

1.Just A Few Things That I Ain't
2. & 3.: TBC Recorded Live @ The Carling Homecoming, The Wellington Club, Hull 18/09/03

At the fansite The Suitable Mouth you can have a look at new photos of the band, for the first time with the new female singer, and at snippets of some of the new songs are available for download.

2003-08-31 - TOUR!
- The dates for the upcoming UK tour in November are available! See the updated tourdates section for details. Tickets are available at the official website from 9am on 4th September and than on general sale from 5th September on.
- The new album "Gaze" will be released in UK on 27th October. The new single "Just a few things I ain't" on 13th October. This song was previously performed by Paul during his solo shows.

2003-08-09 - The new album with new female singer!
- The new album will be titled "Gaze" and will be released in November in UK (no news yet regarding internationel releases). The offiicial website (updatet after ages of inactivity) states that TBS has found a new female singer: Alison Wheeler. Probably she's the Alison Wheeler of the band "Virginia".
Btw, with Gaze TBS' current contract with their record label Mercury is finished. So let's look forward to the new album and see what will come afterwards...
- Homespun: Dave Rotheray's project asides from TBS (see below) is available at ChangesOne, a very good independet record shop.

- The Housemartins' song "Flag Day" has hit the dancefloors! A sample of the song is used in Dino Lenny's dance track "Change The World", which was officially released on April 28th as "Dino Lenny vs. The Housemartins: Change The World".
- One of the songs of Dave Hemingway's excitedly awaited solo album (namely the song "Rains on Sunday") is featured on a compilation disc. More info about this compilation is available at From there we learn that Dave's album shall now be named "Hello Cruel World"
- Dave Rotheray is testing the musical grounds away from The Beautiful South as well. He teamed up with some friends in Hull and the british singer Sam Brown (who, for those who don't know her, is - despite her first name - a female singer). Under the name of "Homespun" they will release their album in UK on July 28th. International distribution is set to follow in September. You'll find a good deal of information about the album including the official Homespun press release at the excellent Sam Brown site One Candle.


2003-04-13 - Excellent new interview
There's an excellent new interview with Paul Heaton, covering some very current topics, available at - go to the news section there.
The most important facts in detail: TBS are currently recording the new album, release and tour are set for October, they don't have a new female singer yet.

2003-03-02 - one concert in September! / Lyrics online
- TBS are scheduled to play a special one-off Carling homecoming gig on September 18th in the Wellington Club in Hull (Great Britain) - date & place to be confirmed. Tickets for this small concert aren't available for sale but can only be won. Find all the available infos at the Carling website for this gig or jump directly to their win page. Good luck!
- Finally the The Beautiful South' lyrics are available online at the Hidden Jukebox. Courtesy of Jürgen Hennes - thanks a lot for the great Songbooks, Jürgen!

- album....
- TBS are currently rehearsing new songs, which were previously written by Paul Heaton and Dave Rotheray (who, once again, travelled to somewhere in Spain for this occasion). The band is set to be in the studio recording in March. The new album is going to be released in September, accompanied by a UK tour in October.

- It's reported that Paul Heaton and Dave Rotheray are currently writing new material for the next TBS album. This is supposed to be released next year.
- Some additional info on the brilliant DVD: According to fans this DVD is region free, so it can be played by every DVD player, also outside Europe. [More info about the DVD can be found directly here in the news archive!]