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News until March 2002:

2002-09-29 - DVD news
- The Housemartins acappella version of Happy Hour remains available for download from the Suitable Mouth, so the file has been added to the rare tracks page
- The release of the DVD was -once again- postponed. New release date is 30. September. The DVD will be named "Munch... Our Hits" and will feature an audio commentary by the band.

Munch... Our Hits

1. Song For Whoever
2. You Keep It All In
3. I'll Sail This Ship Alone
4. A Little Time
5. My Book
6. Let Love Speak Up Itself
7. Old Red Eyes Is Back
8. We Are Each Other
9. Bell Bottomed Tear
10. 36D
11. Good As Gold (Stupid As Mud)
12. Everybody's Talkin'
13. Prettiest Eyes
14. One Last Love Song
15. Pretenders To The Throne
16. Dream A Little Dream
17. Rotterdam
18. Don't Marry Her
19. Blackbird On The Wire
20. Liars Bar
21. Perfect 10
22. How Long's A Tear Take To Dry
23. Dumb
24. The Table
25. Closer Than Most
26. The River (Filmed at Later With Jools Holland)
27. The Root Of All Evil (Filmed at Base TV)

munch.jpg (10120 Byte)

munch-a.jpg (10950 Byte)

DVD for less
For those fans within Europe: offers the Solid Bronze DVD for just 15GBP, including delivery in Europe. I haven't dealed with them myself so far, but got their service recommended from other fans.

- For your listening pleasure: Here's a spectacular a cappella version from The Housemartins "Happy Hour". They did this song during the Peel session on 16th June 1986. Download the mp3 file (1.1MB). Please mind that the file won't be around here for ever, in a week or so I'll have to remove it (due to limited webspace). A lot of thanks to Dan Tweedy, who provided us this file!!
- Fellow TBS-fansite The Suitable Mouth found out that the Solid bronze DVD will contain -in one form or the other- each of the 27 singles released so far!


- The DVD for the latest best-of album "Solid Bronze - Great Hits" will be released on 23. September in UK. Like it was expected, there is no sign of a release elsewhere, like in Germany or in America. Anyhow, wherever you are, you can order it at If you live in Germany you might want to order it as an import from, which should be about a few cents cheaper. If you're living outside Europe, mind that this DVD is Region2 coded, so e.g. in the States you'll need a region free DVD-player.
The disadvantage of this release is: I'll finally have to buy me a DVD-player. So if you have a few spare bucks and want to surprise me with something nice... click here. ;-)
- TBS will play at the opening of Hull's new stadium on 18. December.
- The Setlist of Paul Heaton's Solo-Tour from July is online now.
- You can find the actual tracklist of Paul's single "Perfect Couple" in the paragrapgh below.

2002-07-03   Paul goes festival & details on "The Perfect Couple"
- Additionally to his tour, Paul will be appear at the Virgin Festival on 17/18th August. A few more infos are available at the offcial festival website.
- Paul Heaton's solo release "The Perfect Couple" (out on July 15th), the new single from "Fat Chance", is available for preorder now, e.g. at my recommended record shop ChangesOne (e.g. just check his postage rates!!) or of course also at shops like Amazon.

paul heaton - the perfect couple.jpg (5961 Byte) 1. The Perfect Couple
2. Poems (demo)
3. 10 Lessons in Love (Virgin Radio Session)*
4. Perfect Couple (Video)

* The cover mentions "Mitch" as track 3!

Which songs are referenced in the lyrics of "The Perfect Couple"? This was answered during a discussion about this topic on the List for Whoever. Here's a summary. Thanks to all those listers who contributed to it!!!

- If you're asking yourself questions like "Paul Heaton's solo what?!?" please take a minute and read through the news archive to get up to date on stuff like this. I hadn't had the time yet to incorparate all the new things in the regular layout of the Hidden Jukebox. The little time I can spent for the site right now (Exams!) I invest in keeping the news up to date.

2002-06-29   DVD
The new release date for the Solid Bronze DVD is set to be 23rd September 2002. Goodies on the disc shall include two live performances. Thanks to the Suitable Mouth for the news.

2002-06-23    Dave Hemingway's solo work
On March 30th Dave 'Hamster' Hemingway appeared on BBC Radio Humberside. A very interesting interview took place, accompanied by two of his new songs. You can find mp3s of this broadcast at the website

2002-06-16             The Hidden Jukebox is back again... with a full load of news!
Back from a great time in Florida (not at the beaches though, I *did* have worked there!). Here are the news I heard recently:

- Paul Heaton's solo debut "Fat Chance" which was initially released under his alias "Biscuit Boy" (and which with position 95 pretty much failed in the charts) will be rereleased under his real name on July 22th, preceded by the release of the single "Perfect Couple" on July 15th. But apart from a new cover the album seems to be exactly the same as the Biscuit Boy one, i.e. it has the same tracklist.
- In July Paul will also tour with his solo work, but only a small tour in UK:
Mon 22: Glasgow, Garage
Tues 23: Manchester, University
Thu 25: London, ULU (University of London Union)
Fri 26: ---"---
Sat 27: Sheffield, Leadmill
Support act will be the band "Departure Lounge". Tickets should be available at 0871 2200 260   and at
- There has been talk about a Solid Bronze DVD by Beautiful South to be released in June. Details and final confirmation yet have to be awaited.
- Sources report (now that's an expression ;-) that The Beautiful South have found a new female singer!! Also, Paul seems to have written by far enough material for a new TBS CD. So the future seems to shine a bit brighter again!

That's it so far. I plan to update the news-page from now on frequently again.
Btw, just in case he should be reading this: a big hello to the Beautiful South fan, who was biking in the north end of Central Park, New York, on April 16th at 6pm'ish, wearing a white on black "NORTHERN SCUM" shirt! I was the astonished guy asking you if you're a TBS fan.  :-)

Take care,