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News until March 2002:


2002-02-15             The Hidden Jukebox "takes a break"
Unfortunately I won't be able to provide you the latest news on TBS for the next weeks. I'm heading to the University of Florida for a practical training/internship, and thus I can't look after the Hidden Jukebox until the end of April.
Maybe there won't be going on with TBS in this time though - the last weeks were also very quiete. Currently TBS are searching for a new female singer to replace Jacqui, well maybe they're not searching but just waiting to find one. When this has happened there set to record a new album (Paul has already written enough material for it), with which they do a regular tour again.
Well, from end of April you'll again find they latest TBS here, always as soon as I get to hear them. In the meantime you'll get something to hear, this time from the Housemartins. It's "Think For A Minute" in a *very* different version - from their London 0 - Hull 4 video. Really worth a listen!
(mp3 - 740kB)
And there's something to watch as well: my pictures of the acoustic Munich concert from 29. Nov. 2001 are online now.

Most parts of the fabulous acoustic Munich-concert from last year's 29th Nov. will be broadcasted on german radio WDR2 on Sunday, 20. January. 13 of the 17 songs are set to go on air (Tracklist on WDR2 homepage). Broadcast of the so called "Soundfiles" show will start at 23:00 CET (=22:00 GMT, 17:00 ET, 14:00 PT) and can be listened to on internet-radio via RA!

- The Hidden Jukebox wishes a Merry Christmas (and -in case no news should reveal until than- a good start into the new year). To spread some christmas-mood (or not) here's my "christmas present" for you: The ultimate christmas song, of course by The Beautiful South: Hold It Back, taken from the BBC christmas session from 25. Dec. 1995. It is sung by Dave Hemingway. It's a pity the song was never officially released, but fortunately a brave soul taped the broadcst and made it available... Like always with TBS, not only the song is well worth listening to, but also the lyrics are worth reading.
Hold It Back:    mp3 (1940kB)        RealAudio(910kB)         Lyrics (Englisch & Deutsch)
- In "Jools Holland's Annual Hootenanny", broadcasted on New Year's Eve from 23:55 to 1:25 GMT on BBC2, Paul Heaton will do a version of "Rotterdam". The show will be repeated on New Years Day from 13:30 to 15:00 GMT.
- The acoustic concert from the Fez Club in Hull from 10.Nov. will be broadcasted on Christmas Day from 21:00 - 22:00 GMT by radio 96.9VikingFM. They broadcast in Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire.
- VH1 presents a big interview with Paul and Dave Rotheray on their homepage.
- The latest entry to the concert reviews page has been added.

German radio Bayern3 airs the FANTASTIC accoustic Munich-concert from last thursday: Monday, 03.12.2001, from about 22:00 (german time, that's I think 11pm GMT).   Tune in online!
German radio stations HR3, WDR2 and ORB RadioEins will follow, but not very soon.

On thursday, 29th of November, TBS will play a 'secret' gig in Germany. They'll play in radio station Bayern3's studio 2 in Munich. Tickets can be won online at either Motor Music or Bayern3.
And there'll be a gig in London at 5th Decembre. Tickets can only be won at Virgin radio!

- TBS are still searching for a new female singer. Depending on finding one, here could be a new album done late 2002, which would be accompanied by a tour. Until there's a replacement found for Jacqui TBS won't do any 'proper' gigs. But maybe there'll be a tour of Biscuit Boy (Paul Heaton).
- The Root Of All Evil made it to #50 in it's first week in the UK single-charts.
- A nice interview from The Big Issue with Paul Heaton can be found at

2001-11-09 - "Zoopanzee" - Dave Hemingway's album ist complete!!

Now it only has to be mastered, and the label has to decide to really release it. More on Zoopanzee (maybe even a soundsample) soon at this place.


There's a small "secret" tour running in UK und Ireland. Tickets to these accoustic gigs in small venues can only be won - at local radio stations. See the details at the tourdates-page.

- There's now a special by the Hidden Jukebox online, featuring on the german release of Solid Bronze. It's only available in German at this time, but nevertheless you might want to click your way through to some prelistening audio-clips of the new album. Just check it out!

-TBS' new single "The Root Of All Evil" is due to be released in the UK on 5th of November. It will be succeeded at November 12th by a new Greatest Hits compilation (with a partly somewhat strange tracklist) called "Solid Bronze - Great Hits". The tracklist can be found at the official homepage.
-Biscuit Boy's "Fat Chance" will be released in Germany at October 22th.

2001-09-23  - News about Dave's project:
For his album "Zoopanzee" Dave has recorded a duet with a female background singer of the Stereo MCs. Furthermore the song "Long is the road" was done - a beautiful ballad in which Dave sings soulfully to a great piano.
Btw, I don't know those songs by myself, so I'm looking forward to hearing them as much as you!

There's an interesting interview with Paul Heaton at BBC.

- Biscuit Boy's official website is online. It features info on the album, and full length audio and video version of Mitch (under mailing list & competition).
- Courtesy of Gina and a whole lot of other fellow List for Whover-members, here are the lyrics to 'Mitch'.


The release date for "Mitch" has been comfirmed to be the 3rd September! You can order it online from Ian at ChangesOne (which is my favourite record shop!). It will be released on two CD-singles:
CD1:   1. Mitch   2. Always Searchin   3. The Difference    4. Mitch (video)
CD2:   1. Mitch   2. Shoe Size   3. Runaway Brains

- The release dates for Paul's solo-project are likely to get even more delayed. It seems as if also the single won't be released before September.
- An interesting interview with Paul Heaton was available on 15th August in the teletext section Planet Sound (PS) of british TV Channel 4. Read the transcription of the full article [Special thanks to Suzanne for writing down the interview!!]
- In an interview in Radio Humberside from August 17th, Paul basically tells that...: The Beautiful South is on hold at the moment. He hasn't wrote any more songs for them and at the moment he isn't going to do so for a while. Main reason being, the radio stations dont give them enough air time and until they do something about it, they aren't goin to bother! [Transcription by Sarah - thanks a lot!!] - Well, that doesn't sound like good news for TBS. Let's hope they'll get things together again and last for a long, long time!!!

At this point, the name of Dave Hemingway's collaboration album with various Hull artists, is planned to be "Zoopanzee" - whatever that means!

Dave Hemingway is indeed recording a 'solo' project. It's a collaboration with various Hull artists. The recording started about three weeks ago at Dave Stewart's (from the Eurythmics) 'the church' studio in London. Due to technical problems there, work is shifted to another studio and will be resumed soon. In progress are more than 17 tracks, some of them feature Dave Hemingway again on the drums!

2001-07-30 reveals further info about Paul's solo debut: Mercury will release "Biscuit Boy's" (Paul Heaton's pseudonym for his solo efforts) first CD "Fat Chance" in the UK on 3. September 2001. The first single "Mitch" will preceed on 20. August. The full tracklist of "Fat Chance" is as follows:
01.    10 Lessons In Love
02.    Mitch
03.    Perfect Couple
04.    Last Day Blues
05.    Man's World
06.    Like A Barstool Over The Head
07.    Poems
08.    If'
09.    The Real Blues
10.    Proceed With Care
11.    Man, Girl, Boy, Woman
See nme's article for even more infos.

"Fat Chance" will also be released in Canada, simultaneously with the UK on 3. August. Other international releases are unheard of so far.

2001-07-25 (non TBS)
Today it's one year since the new version of this site went online, and has counted more than 15.000 hits during this time. The Hidden Jukebox would like to thank all you visitors for checking out this site and maybe even returning regulary! I'm happy my lil' site pleases you TBS-fans enough to produce such (for my dimensions) high hitrates (>1250 hits/months, >40 hits daily).  :-)
I'll try to keep the site very up to date in the future - and I have already plans in my pocket for a major update, which should not only bring a better layout but also much more information and resources, and maybe some other goodies as well. But heaven only knows when I will come around to do this update, so don't wait to eagerly for it, okay?   ;-)
Have fun,

Lot's of hot news...:
- The work on Paul's solo debut is finished! It will hit the shops in Britain under the name "Biscuit Boy" on 3. September. The first single shall be released on August the 20th. The entire album is said to contain eleven songs.
- The next TBS album is told to be another best of ("Carry On Up the Charts 2"). It will feature hits from Blue Is The Colour, Quench and Painting It Red as well as two brand new TBS-songs! The release is planned for November, and -hold your breath!- a tour is said to be planned to accompany the album release!
- The band is currently looking for a new female singer to replace Jacqui.
- And finally, but that's REALLY JUST A RUMOUR so far: Dave 'Hamster' Hemingway is recording an album with various artists from Hull.

"Blazing Sadles" closes down: The bicycle shop founded by Paul Heaton and David Rotheray closes forever. See the Hull Daily Mail's article for more details.

Cambridge Folk Festival appearance: Paul Heaton and David Rotheray took again part in the Cambridge Folk Festival. They performed on Thursday, 26. July, under the name Heaton&Rotheray. [setlist]

Paul has written the pre-face to the book "Blades Business Crew" by Steve Cowens. The book is published in UK on 1. May by milo books. Paul describes in the preface, "how he got caught up in the world of football violence". You can order it online (in association with

Jacqui is gone for good! All hope that Jacqui departed early from the US-tour due to a temprory rift or personal problems are now gone. It is so sad, but true: She has left the band entirely. Rumours about the reason say, that Jacqui couldn't stand the "autocritic sytem" in the band anymore.